Prep Your Home To Sell!

Dated: April 9 2018

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Make sure your home stands out for the right reasons to potential buyers. Little details make up the big picture! If you're thinking about selling your home, start working on small things that will maximize your profit.


You want buyers to walk in and fall in love with your home, not be daunted by all of the things they need to fix! Take a look at the list below for great ideas on how to proactively prepare your home for successful showings.


The Basics:

Your home should be spotless! You want buyers to know that you have loved and maintained your home. The front door of your home is the vital first impression... be sure the door and any windows are clean and there are no cobwebs or piled up mail.

Remove clutter throughout your home. You want to show off your home's features - not your stuff!

Less is best.

Clean the carpets and floors! Nothing beats the look of freshly cleaned carpets and sparkling hardwood floors.


Living Room:

Open up the living space by moving furniture and removing unnecessary items. Make sure walkways are clear and living spaces are defined.



Clear the counters! Small appliances can stay if you use them daily, but keep clutter off counters. Take down refrigerator art and magnets and keep the sink clear of dirty dishes. Consider adding a plant or fresh flowers. Kitchens and bathrooms are especially important to buyers  - make sure the kitchen is clean!



Make the beds with attractive covers. Take down posters and store personal items and photos if they detract from the space. Make sure clothes are put away.



Try to emulate a hotel! Put out fresh towels and remove personal items like toothbrushes from the counters.



Organize your closets, laundry room, mudroom and other storage areas. Taking the time to organize and go through stored items before putting your home on the market will make your move smoother when the time comes!



Patch holes and paint walls and ceilings where it is needed. Replace broken tiles, re-caulk the sink and tub. Make sure towel bars and railings are secure. Little repairs can go a long way!



Consider toning down brightly painted rooms. Not all buyers will appreciate bright pink, purple or red. When in doubt, go neutral.



Replace dim and burnt out lightbulbs throughout the house. Clean the inside and outside of all windows. Clean windows are a welcome sign to buyers! Turn on lights and keep the curtains open for showings.



Put away pet toys, clean litter boxes, pick up the yard, and deodorize your carpets. Remove pets during showings.



Think curb appeal! Mow the lawn and shovel the driveway. Give the front door a coat of fresh paint. Pressure wash the driveway, sidewalks, deck and patio. Put away garden tools, hoses, toys and bikes. Put down fresh mulch. Remove dead or tired plants and consider adding new shrubs or flowers.  



Remove as many things as possible. Tools, lawn equipment and bikes are OK but try to organize. Leave room for at least one car. Make the garage look spacious!


Proactively preparing your home before it goes on the market makes it is easier to maintain and much more desirable to buyers. Not sure where to start or need help? We have developed a network of experienced and trusted contractors, stagers, cleaners and inspectors that we’d be happy to set you up with. We only do business with people we would hire ourselves.


Let your home speak for itself and we will show you marketing that gets results! Give us a call if you’re ready to sell. We're here to help!


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Prep Your Home To Sell!

 Make sure your home stands out for the right reasons to potential buyers. Little details make up the big picture! If you're thinking about selling your home, start working on small things that

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